Art as Adjuvant

Art as Adjuvant (aka student/resident uploads)

The Art as Adjuvant project was launched in 2013 by Kristy Williams and her classmates Disha Mehta, Farrah Issa, Riki Dayan, Sari Raber in the class of 2014. The purpose of this pilot project was as a peer to peer and extra-curricular project that uses art to enhance the clerk’s (and other medical students’) ability to respond and reflect on the full experience of medical school.

This project remains alive and well under the new guise of “Gallery” in the Arts in Medicine website, with an archive of monthly inspiration injections to motivate and spark creativity


“The project has provided a springboard of inspiration and appeal for UBC medical students. The increased visibility of arts in medicine within the UBC medical context, both figuratively through the art pieces shared online, as well as through the monthly inspiration injections, has begun to build a dialogue and community to support reflective practice.” – Kristy Williams

What people are saying about this initiative:

I’m excited to start contributing to this project! (medical student)

I’d really like to be a contributor and I hope the inspiration will help me find time to make art 🙂 (medical student)

I just wanted to thank you for starting this new initiative and the med-all email reminders!  I’m not much of an artist but I bet this is a fantastic platform for the more artistically-minded to reflect on their experiences and engage in dialogues about the human side of medicine. (1st yr resident)

Just reading over all the submissions. They are amazing! (project mentor)

I haven’t drawn in years, thanks for starting this project! (medical student)

…patients should be glad to know that their doctor is also a poet; I would want mine to be. (community member)”