Welcome to Art As Adjuvant!

Greetings fellow UBC medical students,

Introducing… the Art As Adjuvant Project.
And YOU are invited to participate!

What is it?
This is your chance to be creative in medicine! The AAA Project is a peer to peer (ie. all of us are potential contributors), extra-curricular and arts-based project that uses art to enhance/reflect on the full experience of clerkship and/or medical education. It’s not time consuming, a great complement to our education and … fun!

How does it work?
Visual or written, all art is welcome – even finger painting! You will receive a monthly “Inspiration Injection” with a option of prompts which are your springboards for artistic inspiration. Choose a prompt, find your own, run with it and have fun. To join the project, please send an email to Kristy (kwilliams@alumni.ubc.ca) to be added as a AAA author. This will enable you to upload and share your submission to our online blog (www.artasadjuvant.med.ubc.ca).

Why participate?
Clerkship and medical school is outrageously interesting, challenging and inspiring. What better way to reflect on the experience than being creative and sharing, and really appreciating the role of art in the medicine = art + science equation. Whether you are Picasso or have always wanted to take up haiku writing, welcome. There will also be prizes… top secret goodness.

Other details:
– Remember, your participation is voluntary and you are able to contribute as often as you’d like.
– Please respect the privacy and confidentiality of patients, staff and colleagues.
– We may write about the project in a medical journal and find a fun way to celebrate the submissions at the end of the year – stay tuned.

If you have any questions/ concerns, we’d love to hear from you.

Let your creativity inspire,

Kristy Williams, Class of 2014
On behalf of the Art As Adjuvant project team

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