April inspiration injection: Journeys past and future

This month marks the renewal of the Art as Adjuvant student initiative, as well as the launch of our  new Arts in Medicine website. More importantly however, April brings a sigh of relief, promise of new beginnings, and a well deserved congratulations to our 4th year friends post Match Day!

To say it is an emotional time I’m sure is an understatement, so I encourage you to let the CARMS emotional roller coaster ride inspire your artistic side to reflect on your journey so far, or to imagine what your new future may hold.

For our third years who may be feel they’re barely holding on amidst the fog of call, I remind you to not forget the importance of self care. Writing, drawing, painting, and any other artistic outlets are  OSA approved methods to stay resilient and grounded.

For the rest of us, either in dentistry or pre-clerkship, near the beginning and middle of our DMD/MD journey, I inspire you to step a bit outside your comfort zone. To not only be creative but to share your creativity in the safe space that is Arts in Medicine student gallery.

Our purpose, to celebrate art and diversity among medical and dental students, is only made possible by your contributions.

Visit our site, scroll through some work by your fellow creatives, get inspired, make art happen, create an account and share away!


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