Heartfelt Images 2017

A message from Dr. Courneya on this year’s art contest!!:

I am pleased to announce the return of “Heartfelt Images” for the classes of 2019 & 2020. With the new curriculum your cardio learning spirals throughout years 1 and 2. This contest invites you to conceptualize artistically your understanding of the cardiovascular system. Winners of past Heartfelt competitions have been shown at the National “White Coat Warm Art” exhibit, published on journal covers and included in journal articles. Do know that some previous winning images have been photos shot on iphones by first time photographers and students making their first painting or sketch. Selected images will also be exhibited at a Heartfelt Exhibit, Harrison Galleries on Sunday March 26th, 2017.

This will be a juried competition with jury members from across the province consisting of faculty, cardiologists, and generalists. Entries will be accepted in a wide variety of categories, including oils, watercolour, photographs, pastels, etchings, pen and ink, small sculptures.

A new category has been introduced for those of you who are musically inclined. You are invited to either create an original piece of music [send us a vimeo or soundcloud link] OR send us a youtube link to an existing piece of music (current or old) along with a <60 word statement that explains it’s significance to the cardiovascular system.

All submissions are judged on the following basis: (50%) the connection to the cardiovascular content and (50%) artistic merit

Littman Cardiology Stethoscopes are awarded to the top three submissions (generously supplied by Dept. of Cardiology at St. Paul’s and VGH).

Judging will be carried out online so all visual entries must be sent in for judging as digital images. For paintings and sculptures, please include a clear, bright, image of the artwork showing as much detail as possible.

  • Include in your email:
  • 1) Title of Piece, Size, Media
  • 2) your name, contact information (phone number, email address),
  • 3) where you are (what year and what program- VFMP, IMP, SMP, NMP)
  • 4) an artist’s statement (60 words max: for example, you may want to describe the work of

    art itself, and it’s connection to your understanding or appreciation of the cardiovascular system.

  • Email submission to: heartfeltubc2017@gmail.com NO LATER than Sunday January 29th, 2017.
  • Artworks must be created by individual UBC Medical students (no group submissions).
  • Art that has been or will be displayed at other exhibits are welcomed.
  • A maximum of 2 artworks per student can be submitted.
  • Any questions? Contact Dr. Courneya (UBC, Faculty of Medicine) courneya@mail.ubc.ca

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